Kimberly Kessler, down to 74lbs. has outburst during court hearing

Nassau County, FL. — Kimberly Kessler, the woman accused of killing a local mom, had an outburst during a court hearing, Monday.

Capt. Paula DeLuca with the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office testified, “When she gets mad she has these outbursts where she’ll rub feces and throw food and just become totally irate.”

Action News Jax reported in May 2018 when Kessler was arrested, charged with the murder of Nassau County mom, Joleen Cummings.

At the start of Oct, Action News Jax obtained an emergency petition from the Nassau County Sheriff Bill Leeper in which he detailed what he said is her attempt at suicide by starvation.

Guards at the jail said Kessler weighed 196 lbs. when she was booked in 2018.

Monday, they said her weight had dropped as low as 74 lbs.

Capt. DeLuca said, “The officer will walk in with a tray and say ‘would you like to eat?’ and she just waves her arm out from under the turtle suit and refuse, refuse, refuse.”

Monday’s fit was sparked by the hearing for a judge to determine if Kessler is competent to stand trial.

It also delved into whether the court can step in to force feed Kessler and provide medical care.

During the hearing Sgt. Josh Hyres said, “She [Kessler] has completely undressed and has feces smeared on the window.”

Dr. Louis Legum, a forensic psychologist for the defense said there are signs she is not competent.

He explained, “She continues to remain unable to meaningfully participate with counsel because of her mental illness.”

Dr. Legum said he believes Kessler has personality and delusional disorders