Local bakery faces backlash after owner shares controversial social media post

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Cinotti’s bakery is facing backlash after a family member put up this post on her personal Facebook page.

In the midst of Pride month, the post from Doodle Cinotti, a family member of the family owned Cinotti’s bakery, is a picture of a man and woman saying quote “Straight Pride” at the top of picture and “It’s natural, it’s worked for thousands of years and you can make babies” at the bottom.

Today, Action News Jax Ben Ryan went to the bakery to try and get some answers.

The woman at the register said it was her mother who made the post, but said it doesn’t reflect the views of the business.

She handed Action News Jax a written statement, saying in part:

“What you may have seen in social is not a true picture of who we are, we apologize that we have offended folks and can promise you we love this community and everyone in it.”

Customer Nick Ghyall said it’s unfortunate but shouldn’t stop people from supporting a local business

“As long as they apologized for it and smooth over what happened,” he said. “I have my own thoughts, I still think the good people regardless of one belief.”

Action News Jax noticed Jacksonville Beach Police were also on the site, the woman inside said they were there for the protection of their customers. Action News Jax asked the officer, he said the business asked them to be present during business hours, but neither would specify if it was because of the recent post that went up.

Since the post went up, local sub shop Sub Cultured has switched bread colonies.

They denied to comment when approached but on Facebook, a post from their page read in part:

“Following recent events, many people in our community have been alienated, hurt and rightfully upset by the broadcasting of opinions that do not match ours here at Subcultured. Therefore, will no longer be serving Cinotti’s bread.”