'House of Horror's' murder suspect reaches out to Action News Jax reporter

In an Action News Jax exclusive the man accused of dismembering a woman's body and burying her in his yard says he will accept the death penalty.

In a jailhouse letter Russell Tillis said he also plans to remain mute throughout his trial.

Tuesday a judge ordered Tillis, whose representing himself, be evaluated by a doctor.

Tillis wrote that letter to our Action News Jax reporter Bridgette Matter where he says he will take a vow of silence, planning to remain silent beyond execution.

The letter is three pages long, neatly written in pencil:

Tillis is accused of killing and dismembering the body of Joni Gunter, a transient who frequented the Southside, not far from where Tillis's home, dubbed the house of horrors, stood.

It’s where police say Gunter’s dismembered remains would eventually be found.

In the letter, Tillis wrote, "I'm going to stand mute and accept the death penalty in protest to the corruption."

He complains in great length about two of his previous lawyers, claiming poor representation.

Both attorneys say the accusations in the letter are false, Action News Jax law and safety expert Dale Carson says Tillis’ behavior is a way to buy time.

“One way to stall the inevitable is to complain about the skill set of your lawyer.”

Carson explains, attorneys who represent defendants in death penalty cases must be death qualified.

Tillis also goes into detail about what he calls an alleged recorded confession saying, “There is no additional evidence  no witnesses, no one or nothing other than the alleged confession that connects me with the human remains found in my yard.”

Tillis’ jury selection is slated for Nov. 5.