3 teens arrested in alleged rape of Terry Parker High School classmate

Three teens are accused in a reported rape that happened on the campus of Terry Parker High School on Thursday.

The victim told police that she was sexually battered in the school's field house, according to a Jacksonville Sheriff's Office arrest report. The incident happened toward the end of the 12 o'clock lunch period, according to another JSO arrest report.

The victim told police she was invited to the field house by "a light skinned male (possibly Hispanic)" and was "wearing white shirt, red shorts with a low haircut," according to the report.

While walking to the field house "they encountered a second light skinned male, who was also wearing red shorts, white T-shirt and had dreadlocks." Once they got to the field house, "the victim observed a third black male jump over a fence and meet with them inside the field house."

One of the subjects touched her legs and tried to touch her chest, according to the report, and the victim told police she heard one of the subjects say "get her ready!"

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All three male subjects forced her to perform oral sex, according to the report. The victim then told police the three males took her into the "ice room" of the field house, and had "sex" with her, according to the report.

Police contacted Coach Balom, who told police he "became aware of a sexual battery allegation that occurred ... possibly involving some of his football players," a JSO report said.

Balom called 17-year-old Nicholas Oliver and asked him to return to school and report to the principal's office. Oliver and 18-year-old Nicholas Evans were transported downtown separately for an interview.

Lavell Benjamin, 19, (shown below) refused to return to school on Thursday, according to the report, and was arrested Monday on felony charges of lewd/lascivious battery.

Duval County Public Schools released a statement Wednesday that said:

"Upon learning of a recent incident at Terry Parker High School, school officials immediately informed Duval County School Police and the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office. An investigation was conducted and subsequent arrests made. Duval County Public Schools and school administration will continue to cooperate fully with the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office as this incident is still under investigation."

Benjamin's co-defendants were named in the arrest report as 18-year-old Evans (pictured below, top) and 17-year-old Oliver (pictured below, bottom). Evans and Oliver were detained by Duval County School Police on Thursday.

Three Jacksonville teens are accused of sexually assaulting a girl in the school's field house during lunch hour:

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