St. Augustine Publix brawl: 3 women face charges after parking lot fight

Three women are facing charges after a brawl at a St. Augustine Publix.

LATEST: Woman in St. Augustine brawl says alleged victim attacked her for no reason

Three women are facing charges after a brawl at a St. Augustine Publix.

Deputies were called to Publix on Jenkins Street Tuesday night after reports of a fight involving five people in the store parking lot.

An off-duty deputy called 911 after he saw the group fighting at approximately 9:30 p.m., the police report said.

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One of the women who was arrested, 22-year-old Brittany Farmer, told deputies that a woman attacked her for no reason.

The off-duty deputy told deputies that Farmer and two other women attacked another woman in the parking lot.

He said as he was leaving, he saw the women run up to an SUV and begin to argue with someone inside.

He said the SUV drove away, parked and a couple got out and started to walk toward the store entrance.

Three women ran up to the woman who got out of the SUV and began hitting her and pulling her hair, the deputy said.

Another witness recorded the fight on a cellphone and gave it to deputies.

Farmer had small children inside her car when deputies stopped her in the parking lot. She and 19-year-old Dawn Embry told deputies that the victim hit Farmer for no reason.

They said the fight started over a disagreement on Facebook.

Embry tried to write an affidavit but her handwriting was not legible because of  her level of intoxication, deputies said.

Tristin Greene, 21, told deputies she was trying to break up the fight. Deputies said Greene was belligerent and using profanity toward deputies likely because she was highly intoxicated.

She began writing an affidavit, but then refused.

Greene and Embry were arrested and charged with battery. Deputies did not arrest Farmer because she could not make arrangements for her small children to be picked up.

All three are facing battery charges.

The police report did not note the condition of the victim.

The women -- including one who had children in her car -- are accused of attacking the victim because of a disagreement on Facebook:

Posted by Action News Jax on Wednesday, May 17, 2017