• Action News Jax investigation reveals Michael Dunn is being held in Oregon prison

    By: Bridgette Matter , Action News Jax


    New documents obtained by Action News Jax reveal Michael Dunn is being housed in an Oregon prison.

    The revelation is an update to an Action News Jax investigation that exposed how the State of Florida hides high-profile killers including Dunn and the man who murdered Somer Thompson.

    Dunn opened fire on 17-year-old Jordan Davis and his teenage friends during an argument over loud music at a Jacksonville gas station in November 2012.

    Jordan was killed and Dunn was convicted and sentenced to life in prison in 2014.

    For Jordan’s father Ron Davis, the conviction doesn’t make living without his son any easier.

    “When he said goodbye, there was never a thought in my head that I wouldn’t see my son again," Davis said.

    For the last five years, Davis said he has thought not only about his son, but the man who took his life.

    “I would like to sit across from this man, face-to-face, and ask him why did he not value my son's life," Davis said.

    Davis hasn’t had that chance because Dunn's location is kept secret.

    Dunn is working to get a new trial. His defense filed a motion for post-conviction relief, which is essentially an appeal. Those documents revealed that Dunn isn’t even in Florida. 

    He’s being housed thousands of miles away, in Salem, Oregon. The reason? For his own protection.

    Action News Jax Law and Safety Expert Dale Carson says moving an inmate to another state is rare.

    “The U.S. government allows states to enter into these compacts, and that is what happened to Mr. Dunn," Carson said.

    According to Florida’s Department of Corrections, a little more than 3,000 inmates are part of the interstate prison compact.

    Davis said he hopes one day he’ll be able to forgive his son's killer.

    “I am on the road to forgiveness for Michael Dunn, and I believe once I meet him, I will forgive him totally," Dunn said.

    Action News Jax reached out to the Department of Corrections in Florida and Oregon. Neither agency would confirm Dunn’s location.

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