Action News Jax receives tip of abrupt closure of Jacksonville day care

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A Jacksonville day care may have closed its doors for good, according to tips Action News Jax received from parents who take their children there.

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Parents say they received a message Sunday night from Creative Minds Academy saying it has closed.

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The day care has two locations in Jacksonville, one on Deerwood Park Boulevard and another on Old St. Augustine Road.

Action News Jax reporter Beth Rousseau visited both Monday morning and found the lights were off and the doors were locked, though the day cares' hours of operation show they should be open.

She spoke to parents as they showed up to the day care locations to drop off their children.

Some parents are in a panic, trying to find childcare.

"Just crazy, I mean we're working parents, what are we supposed to do? Where are we supposed to take our children? I can understand with low population if it was something that we were made known of to make other arrangements, you know, would have been easier," mother Shani Moss said.

Rousseau contacted leaders at Creative Minds Academy after families reached out to us sharing their concerns. We are waiting to hear back. On Google, both locations are listed as "permanently closed."

The day care's website says there is also a south Florida location in West Palm Beach.

Action News Jax reporter Meghan Moriarty got in contact with the director at the St. Augustine Road facility who said her passcode and key no longer unlock the doors.

Charlene Simms said she was sent this email by the owner, Renee Stella:

This is a most difficult decision, one we hoped not to make. It saddens us but we have closed down our schools.

We are extremely sorry for our staff and our families.
For our staff, we are truly truly sorry. We Thank you for working with us. 
We Thank everyone for all their hard work and long hours.
The school has had all locks changed and pass codes removed. Cameras no longer operate. We can not at this time let anyone enter the building.

Any belongings that are staffs or children's, that are still in the building, will be given back at a further date( Date has not been determined).

Please reach out to your staff and to parents to let them know as of tomorrow, Monday 11/4/19 the school is closed. We will also alert parents through Procare.

We ask everyone to remain professional and courteous. This has been a most difficult decision for all. We mean no harm to anyone. 
We are truly sorry.
We have tried all avenues to keep the schools going. With the very low population we can not go forward.

You will hear from us at a further date. We wish everyone good luck.

Please do not show up to the school or try to reach us. We will reach you at a later date.

Thank you
Creative Minds Academy

Simms was told to send that message out to parents.

When she questioned the owner and asked about her job, she didn't get a response.

Simms said she only met the owner once in person, back in July.

She said everything was done either through phone calls or online.

All tuition payments were done through an app, and employees had direct deposit.

Simms said 33 kids were enrolled at the Old St. Augustine Road location, which is low for them.

She believes that is the reason for the sudden closure.

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