Attorney: Man says he stepped on a needle at a local hotel while visiting with family

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A man said he stepped on a hypodermic needle in a local hotel room.


"My toes have been curled in ever since I saw that photo," said John Phillips, the man's attorney.
Phillips said his client, James Ryals, who he said is a disabled military veteran from Colorado Springs, stepped on a needle while staying at this Hampton Inn in Jax Beach with his family.
"He had something in his hands and just kind of slid his foot under the bed, which we all do, and his foot hit a hypodermic needle," he said.
Phillips said Ryals ripped out the needle and said there was some turquoise colored fluid.
"That needle looked like it had already been used, the plunger was all the way down except for a cc or two," Phillips said.
After his wife called 911, Ryals said he looked around and found another needle under the bed. Ryals is headed back to Colorado Springs.
Action News Jax contacted hotel management for reaction to Ryals' claims. We're still waiting for a response from its corporate offices.  
"We still desperately want James to have the med pay benefits, some ability to pay for these prescriptions," said Phillips.
Waiting and hoping the experience doesn't lead to any long-term health impacts. Some tests could take a year before he knows for sure.

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"You don't think this is going to take a year or up to a year to truly be in the safe zone to make sure you don't have anything that you're going to give to your wife, that's awful," said Phillips.
A sergeant with the Jax Beach Police department said on the same night, outside of Ryals room they did find a bag with a white powder, but right now they aren't sure if it's related. Police also have the syringes. Phillips said he will be requesting they test them.
Ryals and his family were moved to a different room. Phillips said the hotel told them they would pay for his stay. But, he is still waiting to be refunded, according to Phillips.​