Baldwin Middle-Senior High School begins first day of virtual learning

DUVAL COUNTY, Fla. — Schools in our area are on high alert due to an increase of COVID-19 cases in the classroom.

In Glynn County, all schools will switch to virtual learning starting next week.

Meanwhile, in Duval County, all Baldwin Middle-Senior High School students will have online classes starting Wednesday, Aug. 25 until Sept. 1.

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11-year-old Taylor Williams joined a handful of students and parents picking up laptops at Baldwin Middle-Senior High School on Wednesday.

With her mother’s permission, she talked to us on camera.

“I came here to pick up my computer so I can be able to stay on my classes and gets As and Bs,” Taylor said.

On Tuesday, the principal sent an e-mail to parents letting them know classes would shift online because of the rise in COVID-19 cases.

When we last checked the Duval County Public Schools COVID-19 dashboard, there were 44 positive cases. Four more were added since Monday.

Action News Jax reported on Tuesday that the number of cases combined with those who came in close contact, exceeds the district’s 20 percent threshold.

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The e-mail also said that students should log onto their first period using Microsoft Teams and students that don’t have a computer on hand were able to pick one up at the school so they could connect to their classes.

For 6th grader Taylor, it’s a small inconvenience but one that’s only temporary.

“I think I rather be in school because I’m actually able to speak to the teachers and see my friends and interact with everybody,” she said.

Extracurricular activities like sports have also been placed on pause until next week.

Action News Jax reached out to DCPS to see what sort of cleaning procedures are taking place inside the school so that students will have a safe return next week.

We’ll let you what we find out ahead at 5 p.m.