• Baseball bat beating suspect to pursue stand your ground defense


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The man accused of killing another man by whacking him with a baseball bat at a party appeared in court Wednesday afternoon for a stand your ground hearing.

    Alvin Welch, 35, is trying to use the defense in the death of 31-year-old Joshua Heinz.

    Police said Heinz became angry over how Welch sliced barbecue meat at a football party in January.

    The two argued and Welch clubbed Heinz.  Heinz later died from his injuries.

    Welch testified on Wednesday that he had never had any ill will toward Heinz before the incident. Welch also said that Heinz was known to have a "temper" and was "quick to fight."

    The State pointed out Welch has five felony convictions, and is skeptical that he was worried about Heinz.  The State also challenged Welch on how he struck Heinz with the bat. They say Heinz was taller than Welch, but was struck in the head.

    Welch said he didn't take Heinz's death lightly. "It's something I never dealt with before," he said.

    The defense and the State will conclude closing arguments in the stand your ground hearing later this month. 

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