BBB warns consumers people posing as Amazon recruiter

The Better Business Bureau is warning that people are posing as Amazon recruiters to try to get money from people.

It’s happening across the country, and there have been close to a dozen complaints locally.

The website might appear authentic with Amazon’s logo and even information about the company’s net worth.

“Looks legitimate to me,” Brian Hubrich said.

But the BBB said the site is not affiliated with Amazon and is really meant to take advantage of potential job seekers.

It starts with someone calling you, claiming to be an Amazon recruiter.

“Saying they saw their resumes online and they are recruiting for Amazon to post products for online reviews,” Shannon Nelson, with the BBB, said.

Then, using websites like, the BBB said the impersonator directs people to fill out an application online.

“Then it turns out you have to pay $200 for this kit to work from home, but it’s actually not the retailer,” Nelson said.

This scam is happening at the same time that Amazon really is hiring and looking to fill more than 200 work-from-home jobs.

“Perfect timing to get quick cash, but that’s messed up,” Akilah Muhammad said.

Action News Jax showed people in our area the website to see what they thought of it.

“There’s a couple things that seem off-putting, but for the most part I would probably go for it,” Elaina Driver said.

At the very bottom of the website, it states that it is not affiliated in any way with Amazon.

“That’s why you have to read the fine print, got to look everything over first,” Driver said.

An Amazon spokesperson said this is not one of the company’s initiatives.

“I don’t think Amazon has any problems getting employees, I don’t they’d be calling me. I’d be calling them,” Hubrich said.

According to the BBB, Amazon wouldn’t call someone out of the blue.

The BBB recommends going directly to the company’s website to apply for a job.