Caught on camera: Man, woman arrested, accused in Columbia County burglary

Columbia County, Fla. — The Columbia County Sheriff’s Office announced the arrest of two people accused in a burglary Tuesday morning.

At approximately 7 a.m. deputies said they got a tip in connection to a burglary that had allegedly occurred just moments earlier.

Police discovered an abandoned car on the side of the road and within minutes spotted Kirk Lanham (35) and Lauryn Jones (32), both of Columbia County, walking down the road.

The sheriff’s office said that after detaining the couple officers learned that Jones had an active warrant for dealing in stolen property and Lanham had items in his possession that belonged to the victim. Deputies say both suspects were identified as unidentified pair captured in home surveillance.

Both Lanham and Jones have criminal histories dating back over a decade, according to jail records. The CCSO say Lanham has been arrested at least four times in Columbia County since 2008 and Jones has been arrested over 10 times since 2012.

This time deputies say Lanham is charged with larceny, drug possession and burglary. Jones is charged with burglary and dealing in stolen property.

“This incident resulted in the successful apprehension of the suspects due to cooperation between our citizens and law enforcement. The quick response by our deputies and their thorough investigation will help to prevent others from becoming victims of these suspects,” said Sheriff Mark Hunter.