Caught on camera: Jacksonville homeowner scares off peeping Tom with a gun

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A man was caught on surveillance video moments before a Jacksonville homeowner said that man was about to break into his house.

The video shows a man going through mail and peeping in windows on Jacksonville's Southside while Michael Grubb said he was home.

"Kind of freaked me out a little bit knowing there was someone peeking in my house trying to find a way in," Grubb said.

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Grubb said he thinks the man was trying to break into his home because he also went around the side of the home to look into other windows.

"If you look in the window, you can see all the stuff we have -- the TV and all the nice stuff. I imagine he was trying to get something," Grubb said.

Grubb said he grabbed his gun and that’s when the man is seen dashing off.

A woman told Action News Jax off-camera that this same guy tried forcing his way into her home and she called police.

In a nearby neighborhood, there have been several recent breaks-ins. A woman who didn’t to be identified said her door was kicked in two days ago.

"I was just so upset. I called 911," the woman said.

She said a neighbor spotted a white pickup truck in her driveway around the time it happened.

"I just feel so violated because they opened all my drawers to my dresser and threw things around," the woman said.

The woman whose door was kicked in said money, a TV and camera were stolen from her home.

Action News Jax used the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office’s crime mapping tool and found that there have been 11 burglaries and two robberies within a 2-mile radius of the Windy Hill neighborhood in the past month.

Grubb thinks it could be the same guy behind the other break-ins.

"If not him, maybe the people he hangs out with or something," Grubb said.