City Rescue Mission holds annual Easter dinner

Hope and change are just a few things the City Rescue Mission said are needed to help more than 2,000 people who are homeless right here in Jacksonville.

“There are still thousands of people on the street,” said Penny Kievet with City Rescue Mission. “A lot of times, these people are without a place to sleep or food to eat."

Kievet said the number of homeless people in Jacksonville is increasing every day. The City Rescue Mission said there are about 2,000 homeless people here in Jacksonville, but that number can be more because some homeless people stay in hotels.

"There are a lot of people, about 70 percent, that have drug and alcohol problems," said Kievet.

This Easter week, the City Rescue Mission held its annual dinner feeding those in need, but the hearty meal of ham and macaroni and cheese is feeding more than their stomachs.

Jason Tresize, 21, calls the shelter home. He said for years, he lived on the streets, but recently just completed the 18-month "Turn Your Life Around" program.

"When you get to rock bottom and you see it, God lets you know," said Tresize.

Tresize said what he learned in this short amount of time is providing him with life lessons.

"Before it was all about myself; now God's word says to love everyone," said Tresize.