Clay County elections officials already counting votes

Elections officials are already beginning the process of counting votes.

In Clay County, 9,000 ballots were opened and scanned.

Action News Jax got an inside look at the steps being taken to make sure it’s done correctly.

Dozens of eyes were looking over thousands of ballots inside a glass room.

“The ballot is never alone with one individual. It’s a two-person control all the way,” Chris Chambless, Clay County supervisor of elections, said.

“And you can literally stand outside our building and look into the tabulation room and see the process. It doesn’t get more transparent than that.”

“It’s a very long process,” he said.

Every military ballot that’s faxed has to be duplicated onto a ballot, and that’s a two-person duplication team.

“Listen to what goes on,” said Steve Boccieri, who is with the Republican party and watching over the process.

“If there’s something that didn’t look right, we would question it,” Boccieri said.

He sat next to Kathy Doolittle with the Democratic party.

“We both asked some questions today that we saw that didn’t quite understand, and they explained it to us to our satisfaction,” Boccieri said.

“It all counts. They run your ballots, and every vote is being counted."

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