Clay County officials deem two dogs dangerous after family didn't appeal Animal Control

CLAY COUNTY, Fla. — Two Clay County dogs are officially too dangerous to be out on the streets.

Action News Jax reported in October when Clay Animal Control found that the dogs killed two cats during their investigation.

They served the owner papers, saying they were deeming the two pit bulls, Princess and Red, dangerous.

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The family had seven days to appeal, but ultimately decided not to.

Now, the family must comply with city requirements in order to keep their dogs and not face criminal charges.

The dogs must be confined, either in the home or in a cage that has six sides.

Owners must prevent the dogs from escaping over or under any of the sides.

If the animal is outside the confinement they must be muzzled and on a leash.

They also must be under constant supervision while outside.

In addition to that, they have to have a "dangerous dog" sign at every entrance on the property.

We drove by the dog owner's home Tuesday and noticed their fence had several holes in it, and there was no sign posted.

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"I don't like this," Debbie Dukes said. "Take care of your dogs — that's it."

Dukes lives next door and has witnessed the dogs escape from their yard several times.

Recently she said she saw the dog unsupervised in its backyard, growling.

She said se is "absolutely worried" about herself.

Ring doorbell video shows the two dogs attack a pet cat, Mr. Whiskers.

Another neighbor said she saw her cat, Coco, killed by these two dogs as well.

She is happy the dogs are deemed dangerous, but wants the owners to keep their dogs inside.

"I don't want anything major to happen to the dogs," Kari Allgood said. "They DO need to follow the rules and regulations."

Allgood runs a day care out of her home and said she is afraid to walk around the neighborhood with them.

"More and more dogs are -- for some reason -- getting out during the daytime," Allgood said. "It's just better for the safety of the kids to stay at home."

Clay Animal Services said the dog owners have 30 days to file a case for appeal with a higher court. But the city's case is closed.

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