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Clay sheriff says potential remains discovered after suspect said he was involved in burying a body

CLAY COUNTY, Fla. — Days after a man called 911 to turn himself in, saying he tied up an elderly couple and held them hostage inside a Green Cove Springs home, investigators uncovered what they believe to be human remains.

“I do not know how long those remains have been there other than those remains have been there for a while, we do not know who the person is at this time,” Clay County Sheriff Michelle Cook said.

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Aubrey Lumpkin was arrested after the Clay County Sheriff’s Office found the two homeowners tied up with duct tape for more than 48 hours and in rough shape. Lumpkin also made several statements to deputies saying he killed someone, as well as burying someone on the property, and may have had an accomplice.

Sheriff Michielle Cook said those remains were found in the woods behind the Green Cove Springs home, she also said they still don’t know if anybody else is involved or what Lumpkin’s role was.

Sheriff Cook said connecting Lumpkin to the possible human remains would be a “logical conclusion” but said they don’t know his specific involvement.

“At this time, we don’t know what his involvement was other than he told us he was involved in burying a body on the property. What happened preceding that we don’t know,” she said. “Now we found a potential human body, now we have to collect the evidence, go back to Lumpkin, and try to work with him to complete the story.”

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On Friday, Action News Jax got our hands on the 911 call. The suspect, Aubrey Lumpkin, called 911 Monday night to say the couple needed medical attention.

“First of all, I’m a piece of s**t. I need medical assistance out here for this elderly couple. I’m turning myself in,” Lumpkin can be heard saying on the call. “...They know me and I’m turning myself in. I know the family.”

The 911 operator then asks Lumpkin if the couple is breathing.

“They’re conscious and breathing, but they need medical assistance,” he replies.

The operator then patches in the Fire-Rescue operator on the phone.

“I don’t want nobody hurting me, and I’m saying this now, you understand?” Lumpkin said.

Operator: “Yes sir.”

Lumpkin: “OK, I’m saying this for the record.”

Additional operator: “Fire Rescue, what’s the address of your emergency?”

Lumpkin: “I’m just saying on record, I don’t want to be hurt, I’m turning myself in.”

Operator: “Fire Rescue, what’s the address of your emergency?”

Lumpkin: “I’m turning myself in.”

Operator: “Was it an assault sir?”

Lumpkin: “I’m just turning myself in.”

Operator: “OK. Are they breathing?”

Lumpkin: “Yeah, yeah -- are they what?”

Operator: “They breathing?”

Lumpkin: “Yes. They’re breathing. They was assaulted.”

Operator: “Oh OK.”

Lumpkin: “They was assaulted.”

Operator: “I don’t know what he’s done.”

One of the operators then tells the Sheriff’s Office that they are going to set up a staging area outside the home.

An operator then asks, “What happened to the couple? What did you do to the couple?”

At this point, Lumpkin stops answering questions, and the operator does not hear another voice on the line anymore.

Action News Jax Sky Vision Drone flew over several of the tents behind the home where deputies say they found the possible human remains.

Sheriff Cook also said the couple is still in the hospital as of Friday.

Action News Jax was told investigators want to make sure they can collect anything that was around those potential human remains and will still be working for a long time, they also said the couple has a daughter and a foster daughter, and are looking to get in contact with any other family members or anybody who Lumpkin may have spoken to about this.

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This is a developing story that will be updated once more information becomes available.