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High school community mourns Lake City teen who died in crash

LAKE CITY, Fla. — Lake City is mourning one of its own after state troopers say a car crash with five teenagers ended up deadly.

Five students were involved in the crash: three 15-year-olds and two 17-year-olds. The father of Naveah Highsmith, the 15-year-old who died, says his son had a future.

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“He wanted to be an NBA star. He wasn’t good with a ball but he wasn’t a big guy, you know what I mean?”

His classmates are shaken after learning four other teens were also involved. Junior Class President Alonzo Brinson says everyone feels the loss.

“Everybody’s just shocked. everybody’s like wow, like why? What’s the point?”

The crash happened last night on Tustenuggee Avenue in Lake City.

Naveah enjoyed playing basketball, always had a smile, and, according to his principal, was excelling in his welding class.

“He was a good kid, sweet kid. When I saw him, I just saw him last week several times during lunch and always had a smile on his face when I was talking to him,” Principal Hosford said.

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“He was doing good, he was getting his stuff right, and then you wake up today and it’s like what in the world,” Brinson said.

The school is prepared to support students and staff, unfortunately… they’ve done it before.

“In the last few years we’ve lost several, so we have experience in it unfortunately, but it’s mainly just being open to each other.”

The principal just hopes every student takes this as a sign to be a little extra careful next time they’re on the road.

“You’re not just our student during the day but we care about you after hours as well.”