Fleming Island High School senior's country music video gains attention

A county song is highlighting school pride at Fleming Island High School. The song was recorded by a graduating senior, Jaime Atkins. The music video has already been viewed thousands of times since it was posted to YouTube.

A country song by a student that highlights school pride at Fleming Island High School has been viewed thousands of times online.

The song was recorded by graduating senior Jaime Atkins.

The tune of this song is keying in the emotions as 2016 seniors get ready to graduate.

“We are going through all of these experiences that only happen once, and I took what I was thinking and feeling and put that on a sheet of paper,” said Atkins.

Atkins wrote and sang a song called “Senior Year” at the Mr. Fleming Island High School pageant. He was unprepared for how his school and community would respond to his lyrics.

“It’s an original to our class and to our school. I just felt like it really deserved a big turn out,” said senior class president, Jessica Willette.

As time passes, the seniors don’t want their stories to get old, and they captured the classical moment by creating a music video. It took the community support of at least least 40 students, administration and even a Clay County deputy to take the lyrics and turn it into a senior video.

Thousands of people are rallying around Atkins as he gets ready to pursue his dream and go to college for music entertainment. Watch the whole video below:

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