Controversial Georgia pastor's wife believes her husband is innocent of child molestation charges

GLYNN COUNTY, Ga. — There's new information about the arrest of controversial Glynn County pastor Kennneth Adkins on child molestation charges. Adkins turned himself in on Friday morning on the charges involving a boy under the age of 16.

We spoke with Adkins’ wife, Stormy Adkins, who told us she believes her husband is innocent. Adkins is sitting behind bars at Glynn County Jail.

“This is a very emotional time, and anyone would be at this time. I’m emotional because he is my husband and I love him very dearly,” said Mrs. Adkins.

Ken Adkins is a prominent Georgia pastor, and political activist, and has been at the center of many controversial topics. We got our hands on Adkins' criminal arrest warrant. It says Adkins "unlawfully and knowingly committed an immoral and indecent act" on a boy under the age of 16 years old.

Mrs. Adkins read Action News Jax a statement, saying law enforcement made a rushed judgment on an accusation from six years ago. She told us the young man was troubled and her husband opened the doors of their church to provide emotional support.

“I share my husband’s concern for the alleged victim. This man was a part of our teen ministry. He was part of our church family. Our church family loved him. We all loved him. We mentored him and we took good care of him and his issues and his problems,” said Mrs. Adkins.

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Adkins was arrested on one count of aggravated child molestation and one count of child molestation; he’s being held without bond. Mrs. Adkins told our reporter, Kaitlyn Chana, her husband is being wrongfully accused.

Chana asked her why she says the two charges are inaccurate. Mrs. Adkins replied saying, “That’s what I say and that’s how I feel. We will find out – you will find out in court.”

We also spoke with Adkins’ attorney, Kevin Gough, and he said he’s spoken with his client and Adkins says he’s not guilty. Gough told us he learned of this case on Thursday, and early Friday morning Adkins turned himself in at the Glynn County Jail. We pressed Gough about why Adkins willingly surrendered, and he told us it was to eliminate the scenario of a SWAT team along with law enforcement coming to arrest him.

Our reporter asked Gough if he spoke with his client before he turned himself in or afterwards. Mr. Gough said, “I usually don’t get into matters like this, but I’ll say arrangements were made last night to turn himself in.”

Gough will be filing a motion to obtain evidence from the prosecution in this case.