Convoy of Care delivers 43 tons of supplies to hurricane victims in Florida Panhandle

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Right now, donations from our area as part of the Convoy of Care are being used by families displaced by Hurricane Michael.

Wednesday brought an early wake-up call for drivers with Lighthouse Movers and Reads Moving Systems, who donated their time and hard work to hand-deliver your donations to hurricane victims.

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On Tuesday, five trucks were loaded with 86,000 pounds of supplies.  That’s 43 tons donated just from our area.

On Wednesday, they were delivered to four shelters in need in the Panhandle, including the Deane Bozeman School in Panama City, where more than 500 people are still staying.

“Seeing all this, yeah, it makes my heart feel good,” said Tracey Bergwardt of Callaway, who’s staying at the shelter.

After the storm, Bergwardt and her family were left with no place to go.

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“I lost my house, I lost my car, a neighbor came and got us ten minutes before the tree went through my house,” she said.

But thankfully, the donations -- like yours from the Jacksonville area -- keep coming in.

“It’s been rough, but somehow we’ll get through it,” said Michael and Paula Hunter of Lynn Haven.  “We’ll bounce back.”