Wing Depot owners accused of beating up veteran at American Legion Post

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A local couple is accused of hitting a 66-year-old veteran in the face.

Witnesses tell Action News Jax the beat down happened over a coaster. People in the bar at American Legion Post 283 in Jacksonville on Sunday said the victim playfully threw the coaster at the bartender to say goodbye. Witness Jennifer Luty said one landed in the wrong spot and that ignited a fight.

“His nose was broken. There was a huge laceration. It was like a footprint on the back of his head,” Luty said of the injuries inflicted on the beating victim.

We obtained the police report that states Charles Hughes “was lying on the ground with blood running profusely from the facial area.”

Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office arrested 55-year-old Terry Reba Lodge and 60-year-old William Thomas Lodge for battery, causing bodily harm to another person. Luty said she witnessed the Lodges, the owners of Wing Depot, get upset over a coaster that landed on the bar near them.

“He (William Lodge) said 'what the hell,' but in different words and started running across the bar and went out the door,” Luty said.

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The Lodges posted bail following their arrest, so our reporter Kaitlyn Chana went to their restaurant.

“Sorry, you guys you can’t go in right now," Terry Lodge said.

We were given a business card to contact their lawyer, Miguel Rosada, and he sent us a statement that reads below:

"William and Terry Lodge are hardworking and law-abiding members of this community. Obviously, this is the beginning of a long process and we expect that all the facts will come to light during this process. While we are disappointed in the amount of one-sided and inaccurate information floating around on social media, we are hopeful that when all the facts come light that they will be exonerated."

Rosada told our reporter this isn’t the full story and he has pictures to prove his client also suffered injuries.

But Luty recounts a completely different story. She said William Lodge punched Hughes in the face and after the fight was broken up, the Lodges went back to the bar to finish their pitcher of beer.

Luty said American Legion bikers are going to picket in front of Wing Depot at 10:30 a.m. Thursday.