Dad of sisters shot at Jacksonville condo: 'They were terrified of him'

LATEST: Jacksonville man accused of killing woman, shooting sister due in court

The man accused of killing a Jacksonville woman and shooting her sister was taken into custody Wednesday after a brief standoff with police, officials said.

Police were searching for Chad Absher after they say he shot two sisters, killing one in front of her 8-year-old son.

He was captured after police swarmed a Westside neighborhood on Wednesday, 24 hours after Jacksonville Sheriff's Office named him a murder suspect.

A JSO spokesperson said a tip led them to Absher's location. Officers convinced him to come out of the home after a brief standoff.

Watch live: JSO briefing on Chad Absher

BREAKING: Chad Absher, the suspect in the killing of Ashlee Rucker of Jacksonville, is in JSO custody. He was arrested near Blanding Blvd.: http://bit.ly/2iQzv33

Posted by Action News Jax on Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Ashlee Rucker’s family says they warned her about him countless times.

“I wish some way she would’ve listened to me, because I told her this was coming," her father Roger Rucker said. "I told her she was going to die."

New pictures show Ashlee Rucker beaten and bruised.

Sister of woman killed in front of son: 'She was smart, she was beautiful'

Her family says Absher posted the photos on his Facebook page as trophies. There’s even one of him lying next to her in a hospital bed.

Family said he put her there.

“It’s horrible,” Roger Rucker’s girlfriend, Kim Braddock, said. “He’s a very sick man.”

Braddock became like a second mother to Lisa and Ashlee Rucker.

Officers said Absher shot Lisa Rucker in the face. Family said she’s expected to make a full recovery.

Family said they knew Ashlee Rucker’s relationship with Absher was toxic from the beginning.

“Sadly, I told my daughter for three straight years this was coming,” Roger Rucker said.  “Police officers told her too, you’re going to die. She wouldn’t listen.”

Ashlee Rucker never pressed charges.

 Photos: Jacksonville woman killed, sister hurt in shooting

“We’re screaming, ‘Please call the police when this happens,’ but they were terrified of him,” Braddock said.

The family said things will never be the same but they have an 8-year-old who needs them now.

“That boy’s robbed,” Roger Rucker said. “He got robbed of his mother.”

Ashlee Rucker’s family is having a memorial service for her from 2 to 4 p.m. Sunday at the Lion’s Club on East Port Road. They ask that anyone attending brings a covered dish.