Jacksonville doctors using non-invasive method to close wounds, surgical cuts

Action News Jax got a close-up look at a new, non-invasive way doctors are closing wounds and surgical cuts -- without using staples, sutures or glue.

A doctor took Action News Jax Kaitlyn Chana inside an operating room at UF Health Jacksonville for a look at the new technology, which doctors believe helps patients recover faster.

A 3-D print guided Dr. Jason Piraino as he placed pins and rebuilt the patient’s ankle.

After three hours of surgery, Piraino closed the incision using a "zip line."

He said it causes no damage to the skin.

This adhesive device holds the edges of the incision together as doctors tighten the straps.

"This is the perfect combination of the speed of the staple without the trauma of the staple and the closure of a sutures without the time that it takes to suture,” Piraino said.

Doctors say there is less pain and a faster recovery.

"He will be able to move it and it will keep tension on the skin so it doesn't open," Piraino said.