Dog saved by neighbor, reunites with owner a year later

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A dog that has been missing for more than year was hit by a car and left for dead. The dog is now recovering at home thanks to social media and the generosity of local animal lovers.

Graycen Holmes recently saw her dog, Buddy, for the first time since he disappeared in December, 2014.

A photo of buddy was posted a few weeks ago on Facebook and it started his journey home.

“A dog was lying almost dead beside of a home and just begging for somebody to come get him,” said April Johnson.

Johnson picked him up from the Westside home and took him to First Coast No More Homeless Pets.

"Everything was against the odds. Broken ribs, broken hips,” said Veterinarian Alba Sosa. "When we saw him, we said, ‘OK. He deserves a second chance.’"

Buddy needed surgery, so Johnson reached out to her friends on Facebook for help.

Johnson said it took about 30 minutes to raise enough money to cover Buddy's medical expenses. Meanwhile, she posted pictures of Buddy on several lost pet Facebook pages hoping to find his owner, which is how Holmes, who now lives in Orlando, spotted him.

"I've been shaking the whole day. I was ready to get here,” said Holmes.

Holmes drove up from Orlando Thursday to pick up Buddy. She hugged Johnson and everyone else who helped save Buddy, grateful for everything they've done to get him home.

"Gonna take him home, introduce him to his brother and help him recover. So that way he can get back to his normal self,” said Holmes.

The veterinarian said Buddy still needs about eight more weeks of recovery. Buddy now also has a microchip in case he gets lost again.

First Coast No More Homeless Pets has the Angel Fund, which allows the shelter to provide free and reduced-cost medical care for wounded and sick cats and dogs who come into the clinic. Learn more and donate by visiting the shelter's website.

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