• Donald Trump to first responders: "We're with you"

    By: Lorena Inclan , Action News Jax


    ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. - Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump got a standing ovation as he walked into a room full of first responders in St. Johns County.

    On Monday, Trump sat between St. Johns County Sheriff David Shoar and Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey and with a backdrop bearing the words “Taking care of people.” Trump vowed to protect those in uniform if elected.

    “You’re in a very tough position, but you get no backing, you don’t get any backing, so that will change,” Trump said.

    Inside the room were police officers, firefighters and paramedics.

    Many voiced their concerns about not feeling support from the White House and some described feeling under attack.

    A St. Lucie County firefighter talked about being shot at while on the job.

    “In certain areas of the county, we are issued bullet proof vests and we wear them when we get out of the vehicle,” the St. Lucie firefighter said.

    With the election 15 days away, Trump recognized the importance of Florida and said, “If we win Florida, we win the whole thing.”

    “We’re doing very well in Florida. Where we are now which is my second home. I’m here all the time and I have tremendous amounts of employees and jobs very successful in Florida, different parts of Florida,” Trump said.

    In all, he spoke to the group for about 20 minutes, claiming that he’s going to win and citing that some polls have him ahead of the election. He also thanked the first responders for their support.

    Later, Trump tweeted that he was honored to have the endorsement of the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office, but the agency denied making any official endorsement.

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