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Angel Kids Pediatrics joins Solve.Care to reduce the spread of COVID-19

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Angel Kids Pediatrics has partnered with global healthcare platform Solve.Care today, September 7.

Solve.Care will provide Angel Kids Pediatrics with their Team.Care Network solution. This will allow Angel Kids Pediatrics to track and prevent the spread of COVID-19 to protect the children under its care, their families and its health care professionals.

Team.Care Network is a management tool used by organizations to monitor the welfare of their employees. It helps reduce the spread of COVID-19 in an organization by providing real-time status updates on any exposure an employee might have to the virus.

“Team.Care Network from Solve.Care provides us with real-time reporting on the health status of our health care workers, including COVID-19 test results, even before they come in to work,” said Dr. Ashraf Affan, medical director of Angel Kids Pediatrics.

“Through this reporting, we are able to make the necessary medical decisions and actions to protect the health and welfare of the rest of the workforce and our patients and their families.”

Angel Kids Pediatrics is Florida’s largest pediatric health care provider that delivers quality, personalized and effective medical care to children.

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