Attracting new businesses to downtown Jacksonville

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — On Tuesday, city leaders will discuss a plan that aims to bring new restuarants, offices spaces and other shopping opportunities to the Northbank core retail area in downtown Jacksonville.

Under the Downtown Retail Enhancement Grant Program, a program that focuses on attracting new businesses and keeping current businesses in the area, the Downtown Investment Authority will distribute $750,000 in recoverable grants to business owners who have qualified projects, to help with some of the costs of renovating or preparing a commercial space downtown.

The money would also help retain the existing businesses already in the Northbank core retail area. The DIA will award grant funding on a first-come, first-served basis. If you are an interested business owner looking to bring your project downtown, click here to review the program, funding and application requirements.

Below is a list of businesses the city would like to attract to the area.

  • Restaurants
  • Coffee/Tea shops
  • Apparel stores including accessories (purses, scarves, hats)
  • Hobby stores, craft store and supplies
  • Pet stores and supplies
  • Kitchen/home accessories
  • Pharmacies
  • Business incubators
  • Education/academia
  • Information technology offices
  • Shoe stores
  • Toy stores
  • Art supplies, framing stores
  • Specialty food stores/delicatessens
  • Gift Stores
  • Book stores
  • Stationery stores
  • Small appliances
  • Electronics
  • Sporting goods
  • Entertainment venues
  • Jewelry stores
  • Florists
  • Specialty retail apparel such as bridal, formal gown, tuxedo, costume. (does not include rental)
  • Art Galleries
  • Office supply stores