Coronavirus: 2nd COVID-19 doses begin at City-run sites


The Lane Wiley and Mandarin Senior Centers began administering second doses Monday.

The City said everything ran smoothly, and everyone showed for their appointments.

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The sites stopped offering first doses after running out of the 11,000-dose allotment from the State.

The City said they expect another shipment in the near future.

74-year-old Doris Kell got her 2nd dose, a relief after enduring a tough year.

“It was a difficult year to begin with…. I lost my husband… and then you know…. this going on.” Kell said.

Kell considers herself lucky to get a much sought-after vaccine, frustrations over supply among local and State leaders are mounting.

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Governor Ron Desantis said in a news conference the infrastructure to mass vaccinate exists but the supply from the federal government is not enough.

Vaccines appointments ran out at a Panama Park pharmacy in two hours, they were given 200 doses.

The State expects about 300,000 doses sometime this week. It is not clear where they will go at this point.

According to the Department of Health’s summary about 1.7 million people in Florida have been vaccinated.

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If you are getting a second dose at the City sites, you are to return to the site where you received your first dose.

ID, vaccine card, and a new consent form must be brought to the appointment.