EWU receives $300,000 to help fund new programs

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Some exciting additions are coming to Edward Waters University. It’s all thanks to the Propel Center, which helps historically Black colleges and universities.

Propel is giving EWU $300,000 to expand its programs.

“We’re just very excited about this tremendous investment. It’s going to certainly help to buttress our efforts,” EWU President Dr. Zachary Faison said.

Faison says the money will support the university’s Communications and Arts and Entertainment programs.

EWU is one of 14 HBCUs chosen out more than 100 to receive the money.

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The money will fund research and learning opportunities at EWU. It’s part of a $3 million dollar grant for HBCUs.

Students in music will especially benefit. The $300,000 will help pay for a music program of up to 20 students. The goal is to pipeline them into the music industry.

“We’re going to certainly try to spread these dollars as broadly as possible to impact as many students as possible,” Faison explained.

One thing is clear: EWU has come a long way, and Faison is excited for its bright future.