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Excitement growing around Jacksonville Jaguars upcoming season

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Despite going 1-15 last season, the excitement around the Jacksonville Jaguars’ upcoming season is real. It goes for not only the fans but the surrounding businesses in the area.

It’s safe to say that when the Jags are winning, so does downtown.

“2017 with the Jaguars winning, we probably saw a 20-25 % increase just in business, just because the Jaguars are winning and you could depend on that,” said Brian Miller, co-owner of Bold City Brewery.

Just like in 2017 when the Jaguars won the AFC South, Senior Vice President of Sales and Service / Chief Content Manager for the Jaguars, Chad Johnson, says phone calls are already coming in.

“Going through that process, we actually sold out our 100- and 200-level tickets, and people remember so they are calling now to figure out how they can get on board and not be locked out when that happens,” Johnson said. “Putting that deposit with us now, that puts you in the priority order based on the timing of that deposit, and able to select your locations for the upcoming year.”

Just like with many of the downtown businesses, Miller says a spark in the team has a positive impact everywhere you go.

“When we are constantly winning and consistently winning, it brings business into our downtown facility,” Miller said. “Into our Rosselle Street, our production facility. And the other thing is, since people are out and about going to tailgates more, so they’re purchasing more products in the marketplace. So, it’s not just our two locations, it’s at the retailers around town that see the boost.”

Right now, the Jaguars say their top priority is to put a good product out there on the field. For fans, they’re feeling hopeful for what’s next.

“Playoffs or bust,” John Fichter said. “I’m calling it right now, playoffs or bust.”

Fichter has been a season-ticket holder for the last seven years and seen plenty of ups and downs. Last season, five of the 15 Jaguars losses were within seven points.

With new faces in sight, Fitcher says those close losses turn into wins.

“We should make the playoffs next year. We have the talent, we have the draft picks, we have the coach; there should be no reason why we can’t make it,” Fichter said.

Longtime fan David Mendenhall says it’s all coming together.

“Can’t get any more excited than this,” Mendenhall said. “Cant wait for April to see what we do in the draft, and then be able to see what we do in September when we get the team on the field.”


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