EXCLUSIVE: Road rage incident caught on dash camera

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — In a matter of roughly 30 seconds, local driver Harrison Bowling says his life flashed before his eyes.

Dashcam video given to Action News Jax shows the moment an accused road rage driver bumped into the side of his car on I-295 south.

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“I’ve never seen anyone hit someone like that, it was wild,” Bowling said.

It was a normal drive home from work, and Bowling said all he did was change lanes to go with the traffic flow. The FHP crash report obtained by Action News Jax says the other driver sped up behind Bowling, moved to the center lane, and made “obscene gestures” all before hitting him.

“He’s got his window down yelling at me and stuff and like, flicking me off,” Bowling said. “So I looked at him and gave him like, a shrug.”

Moments later, dashcam video shows the same driver of the black SUV brake-check him and speed off; that’s when you can hear Bowling in the video calling 911 as all of it was caught on camera.

“I bought the camera specifically for instances like that because you see people do crazy stuff all the time,” Bowling said.

Bowling says the damage isn’t too bad, from scrapes to dents, but it could’ve been much worse.

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“I got these two big dents right here, that’s probably the biggest part of the damage, and right here on my door handle is scraped up, and whenever he initially had hit me, I got this mark on my side mirror, and it was pushed in when he hit me,” Bowling said. “I have my bumper sticking out like half an inch, and it wasn’t like that before.”

FHP is investigating, and in the report, it says they got a bit of the other driver’s license plate, but they were still unable to identify the vehicle. The videos have also been sent to other analysts to help the investigation.