Families are eagerly waiting for their loved ones to receive the COVID-19 vaccine

Loved ones wait for COVID-19 vaccine

So far local hospitals and a few long-term care facilities are the only places that have been able to administer the limited supply of doses.

Bartram Crossing Skilled Nursing Center is next in line to receive the covid-19 vaccine this week.

The facility’s administrator Wes Marsh tells Action News Jax, “it’s a milestone in fighting the COVID-19 virus that we will have our first COVID vaccine clinic.”Marsh says Walgreens will be administering the vaccine on-site to about 100 residents and staff.

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He says about two-thirds of their residents signed up to get the vaccine.

Last week – Gov. Desantis signed an executive order prioritizing vaccination for those 65 and up during this first phase.

But some families who have loved ones in long-term care facilities are still waiting for when it will happen.

Mary Daniel has already signed her husband up to receive the vaccine.

She says, “I thought it was going to be this week we have been told that the week of the 28th was our time through CVS we haven’t gotten any confirmation of that which is a little frustrating.”

While the order specifically outlines that those in long term care facilities will be prioritized, we’re told right now nursing homes are the priority.

According to the Florida Health Care Association, vaccinations in nursing homes started last week and will continue until complete.

Action News Jax showed you, the first long-term care facility in Jacksonville, River City Rehab to administer the vaccine two weeks ago.

There are 700 nursing homes in Florida. Once those have all administered the vaccine, assisted living facilities will be next.

Mary Daniel says families including herself just want to know where they’re at in the process.

”I think it would make us feel a little better to have a little bit of knowledge about where they are going how many how’s it going how is it working what is the strategy.”

We’ve reached out to the health department to find out how many nursing homes still need to be vaccinated. We’re still waiting on a response.