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Jacksonville military family victims of home invasion robbery

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Two masked men are accused of forcing their way into a Jacksonville family’s home after stealing another woman’s car at gunpoint.

One of the victims told Action News Jax that during the home invasion, one of the suspects told him he should get a gun to protect his family.

Police said the two men first carjacked a woman at gunpoint. She told police she felt the barrels of two guns against her back.

The suspects then drove her car to James Simon’s home.

Simon, a veteran and father of three, said two men forced his 18-year-old at gun point to let them in the home.

“They brought my son and daughter upstairs at gunpoint, told everyone to come into my bedroom.” Simon said.

While at gunpoint Simon said the second suspect began stealing electronics.

“That really upset me, to have someone pointing guns at my kids and my wife,” Simon said.

Simon said they then took their cellphones and his wife’s car.

A JSO arrest report detailed the suspects were stopped on Yellow Bluff Road and Jake Road.

A JSO K-9 caught 18-year-old Dewayne Edmund, but his accomplice is on the run.

Simon said he hopes police can get the second person off the street quickly.

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