How to apply for City of Jacksonville’s rental assistance program


Applications for rental assistance are still open until 6 p.m. To apply online go to

For more information visit

UPDATE | APRIL 2 · 9:53 A.M.

Federal funds are still available for anyone looking to apply for Jacksonville’s housing assistance programs.

As of Thursday afternoon, a city representative says 3,321 residents applied for emergency rent or utility assistance and 542 residents applied for mortgage relief.

The Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) will distribute nearly $29 million of federal funds to assist Duval County residents who have been unable to pay their rent or utilities due to a loss of income related to COVID-19. Residents can apply in-person or online.

The ERAP application deadline is Friday, April 9, at 6 p.m.

Help is on the way for people financially impacted by COVID-19.

Millions of federal funds will go toward helping Duval County families that need assistance with paying rent and utilities.

The City of Jacksonville announced applications for its Emergency Rental Assistance Program will be accepted starting Monday, March 29, at 8 a.m.

The funding will be available for citizens “to cover up to 12 months of rent and utility payments with the option for an additional three months if determined necessary to ensure housing stability.”

According to federal guidelines, qualifying residents and families must have an income that falls below 80% of the area median income:

Household size | Total income

  • One person / $42,000
  • Two people / $48,000
  • Three people / $54,000
  • Four people / $60,000
  • Five people / $64,800
  • Six people / $69,600
  • Seven people / $74,400
  • Eight people / $79,200

City officials said qualifying residents must also meet the following criteria:

  • Reside in Duval County.
  • Provide proof of hardship due to COVID-19, including verification of unemployment benefits, a reduction in income or other financial issue that threatened the household’s ability to pay rent when due.
  • Provide a documented risk of housing instability or homelessness.
  • Be unable to access other payment assistance for the same costs (ex: If rent assistance was received from another program for March – May, this program may not be used to pay for rent during that timeframe; however, it could cover other months.)

(NOTE: According to COJ, priority must be provided to households that have incomes at or below 50% AMI or have one or more members who have been unemployed for at least 90 days. Payments will be made directly to the utility company or landlord.)

To apply online, visit The application deadline is Friday, April 9, at 6 p.m.

Paper applications will also be accepted. Residents can pick up and drop an application or ask for in-person help with the application (by appointment only) at these locations:

  • Jewish Family & Community Services: 6261 DuPont Station Court.
  • Wealth Watchers: 5310 Lenox Avenue, Unit 4.
  • Downtown Ecumenical Services Council: 215 North Ocean Street.

If you wish to only drop off your paper application, visit:

  • Catholic Charities – Jacksonville: 40 East Adams Street, Suite 310.
  • Beaches Emergency Assistance Ministry: 850 6th Avenue South, Suite 400.
  • City of Jacksonville Housing and Community Development Division: 214 North Hogan Street, 7th Floor.

Click here for more information or call the city at 904-630-2489.