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JSO releases bodycam video from officer-involved shooting in Patton Park

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — New body cam video shows officers with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office killing a suspect after an hours-long standoff near Patton Park on April 12.

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Police said 38-year-old Matvey Kilmenko held his ex-girlfriend against her will with a knife after breaking into her home. They eventually got her out through a window and hours later, police said he tried to run into the neighbor’s yard.

A K9 was released on him, and police said the suspect made a stabbing motion toward the dog. Officers were close to him and told him to drop the knife several times before delivering the deadly shot.

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Action News Jax showed the footage to our law and safety expert Dale Carson, who has years of experience in law enforcement. He said that the issue here is time and how long it takes to get someone out of a house who doesn’t want to leave and has shown violent tendencies.

“If you wait, you’re putting everyone in the neighborhood in danger,” Carson said. “We don’t know how many weapons he has in the house. He could easily watch someone walking back to the squad car and kill them. It’s a strange balance.”

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Police also said that Kilmenko had several outstanding warrants at the time of the incident. Carson said that if that is the case, there should have been more effort to arrest him before the day this all happened. It’s unclear if there was or wasn’t.

JSO added that it will not conclude from the information or video on whether the officers acted according to their policy until the entire investigation is complete.