Local golfers initial reactions to the news of Tiger Woods’ crash

Fans surprised to learn of Tiger Woods injuries

JACKSONVILLE, FLa. — The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office stated Tiger Woods is “lucky to be alive” after being seriously injured in a rollover crash this morning.

The golf legend shattered an ankle and has two leg fractures, according to the LA Times.

We spoke with local golfers at the Jax Beach Golf Club on Tuesday.

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Jim Nieves was just coming off the course when we broke the news about Tiger Woods.

“Holy smokes,” he said.

Nieves couldn’t believe it.

“I’ve seen him three or four times in person in tournaments. He such a great player, and he had attracts such crowds and what have you. But yeah, I’m absolutely shocked,” he said.

Local golfers tell Action News Jax it’s brutal seeing something like this happen to someone who has transformed the game of golf, but they’re hopeful.

Kyle Kennington said, “I hate to see it happen to him. He’s gone through enough already. It’s going to be interesting to see how it turns out.”

“My heart and prayers go out to him and his family,” added Nieves.

The LA County Sheriff’s Office stated there was no evidence Woods was impaired during the time of the crash.