Original Restaurant Report: Dead rodents, roaches found in record setting week of temporary closures

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Action News Jax’s Ben Becker has been getting you answers about dirty dining in the Original Restaurant Report for three years, and just when he thought he had seen everything, something new has occurred.

This week, Becker discovered six local restaurants were temporarily shut down, a record number by his count.

Becker paid a visit to Jax Fish Shrimp and Chicken on Dunn Avenue near Interstate 95.

State inspectors found six dead rodents in a glue trap, 27 rodent droppings and garbage on the ground around a dumpster. It was temporarily closed. The manager told Becker those rodents were rats.

“So a hole in the wall and the rats got through?” Becker asked the manager. “So now we cover everything, everything is good,” said the manager.

Keke’s Breakfast Café on Jenkins Street near Old Moultrie Road in St. Augustine was cited for 70 rodent droppings, vermin and/or environmental cross contamination and raw animal food being stored over ready to eat food. It was temporarily closed.

Inspectors say Nini’s Pizza and Restaurant on Penman Road near 13th Avenue North in Jacksonville Beach had one live roach, ten rodent droppings and a floor soiled with accumulated debris. It was temporarily closed.

Currents Riverview Bistro on Prudential Drive near Palm Avenue was cited for 142 rodent droppings, a time/temperature safety violation and for an employee’s personal items being stored above the food prep area. It was temporarily closed.

San Marco Chz Fry Coalition food truck on Richard Street had nine live roaches, a hand wash sink not accessible for employee use and no Heimlich maneuver/choking sign posted. It was temporarily closed.

Penman Diner on Penman Road near 13th Avenue North in Jacksonville Beach was cited for 13 rodent droppings, an employee eating while preparing food and time/temperature safety violations. It was temporarily closed.

All the restaurants passed follow-up inspections.


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