Seawalk Music Festival draws large crowd; local business says festivals are great help, ready for Orange Crush

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. — It wasn’t an ordinary day on the beach, as the Seawalk Music Festival decorated Jacksonville Beach with friends, family, music and local vendors.

“They’ve got some of the finest food, finest music; it’s a good time,” neighbor Louis Rossi said.

The two-day festival brings in a surplus of people, which is good for businesses like Beachside.

“Festivals are really great for business,” owner Bill Stevens said. “Last month was the best month I ever had. This could be better. Who knows?”

Stevens said just like this weekend, he’ll be open for Orange Crush.

“Why wouldn’t I?” Stevens said. “We’re here to make money. We assume people are going to behave and have a good time. They need stuff to go to the beach with, and we’re here to get it.”

Thousands of people are expected to be in town for Orange Crush, and the Jacksonville Beach police are expected to have extra officers out in the area for it.

As Beachside is located in the heart of Jacksonville Beach, Stevens said the business will get a lot of foot traffic, but that doesn’t bother him at all.

“There will be a lot of people here,” he said. “If it’s 10,00 or 15,000, there’s more people than that that come to the beach regularly.”

As for the Seawalk Music Festival, it brought people from in and out of state. Lane Potter is from Georgia and said he came to visit his friends and enjoy the music. Potter said he will be back next weekend for Orange Crush.

“It will be a good time,” Potter said.

Potter said right now, this weekend is about supporting businesses while having a good time.

“The vendors are amazing. All out here supporting local business,” Potter said. “We’re able to have a good time. From family to friends to everybody, it just brings the community together.”

Action News Jax tried speaking with several other businesses in the area about Orange Crush, but none wanted to comment.

The Seawalk Music Festival picks up again Sunday, starting at 1 p.m.