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SJSO: Hundreds of students participating in potentially dangerous ‘assassin’ game

ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. — St. Johns County school leaders are warning families that hundreds of students are participating in a game called ‘assassin’ that could have dangerous consequences.


  • The St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office is warning parents about a new game children are playing called “assassin” that’s creating an issue in the community.
  • SJSO says more than 300 children at Ponte Vedra High School are taking part in the game. SJSO said there are 64 teams made up of five to six students.
  • The goal of the game is for players to track down and eliminate players by shooting them with water guns or water balloons until one person is left standing.
  • SJSO said the students pay an entry fee to participate in the game. The members of the winning team receive $600 each.
  • SJSO said people unaware of the game could mistake it for something different. SJSO is trying to get ahead of any real problems and are encouraging kids to stop.

Action News Jax obtained a letter sent to families by Ponte Vedra High School:

"Dear Shark Families:

"In conversations with the St. Johns Sheriff’s Office (SJSO) today, we are very concerned over an organized game that we understand will continue over the course of the next three months. We are referring to a game called “assassin” and it has been reported that more than 300 students are participating. Local law enforcement has received reports of Ponte Vedra HS students engaging in reckless driving, blocking streets, driving on private property, crashing through fences, etc. Law enforcement also relayed that, in one instance, a property owner, not aware of this game or his/her student’s participation, prepared to arm and defend himself/herself when students entered the property.

"There is a high potential for things to go tragically wrong. We have also come to understand that there is a significant financial reward for the winning team, a driving incentive behind this aggressive behavior. We have yet to experience this game on campus, which would be dealt with in accordance with the district’s Student Code of Conduct. Students are engaging in this game off campus and after school hours, NOT during the school day on school property. Given the fact that this game began yesterday, the number of reports received by SJSO is staggering.

“It would be devastating if one or more of our students is hurt or worse from something that is completely avoidable. The PVHS administration strongly recommends that students forgo their participation in this game and behavior. We appreciate your time and attention to this matter as well as your continued support.”

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