Sulzbacher hosts Christmas breakfast for hundreds of residents and community members

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — What’s Christmas morning without a hearty breakfast?

“The eggs, bacon, French toast, apple juice, chocolate milk; it’s all good,” Sulzbacher Village resident Dawn Joy said.

Dawn Joy snuck down to the dining area at Sulzbacher Village to grab some food before her two boys woke up. Her third was also hungry.

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“I have two sons upstairs. This one is due Valentine’s Day,” Joy said.

Joy was one of hundreds treated to a Christmas morning breakfast hosted by Sulzbacher. Folks had a choice of French toast, eggs, sausage and bacon at one location. At the men’s campus downtown, they had chicken and waffles and cinnamon rolls.

Sulzbacher served hundreds Christmas morning, including 360 residents and dozens more out in the community.

“We’re doing it all out like we always do for the holidays,” Sulzbacher donor relations and marketing manager Emily Knight-Smith said.

It truly looked like Christmas morning outside the dining area, as dozens of gifts sat on tables waiting to be opened by residents. Each child staying at the Village had their own bag specially customized.

“The holidays are a beautiful time for so many families and individuals, but for someone living in poverty it’s a stressful time as well. Being able to kind of alleviate that stress and just make a beautiful morning for our clients is amazing,” Knight-Smith said.

Joy said she’s thankful for the work Sulzbacher staff members put into the event so her family could have a special holiday.

“I’m so grateful. My living room is full of toys because of Mr. Dalton and the Village and the people here. I don’t know where I’d be. Last year was nothing like this,” Joy said.

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Many others expressed their gratitude coming in and out of breakfast.

Staff members said they’re excited for 2022 and hope the new year will bring back another level of normalcy coming out of the pandemic.