Super Bowl No. 1 time for children being sold into sex trafficking

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — With the Super Bowl a day away, a Florida organization fighting child sex trafficking warns parents that it’s the No. 1 time children are sold into sex trafficking in the United States.

”[It’s] a prime time for elite parties, for experiences that you couldn’t get otherwise, and sex with minors is included,” Cammy Bowker said.

Bowker founded Global Education Philanthropists, an organization fighting child sex trafficking.

Bowker and her team are in for a busy Super Bowl weekend in Tampa, where they’ll be working with law enforcement on an undercover sting operation.

”No matter where you’re at in America, during the Super Bowl, there’s some sort of celebration,” Bowker explained.

She says the crimes don’t just happen in large cities. Wherever a big event is happening, she says sex with minors comes with it.

Bowker reports up to 80 percent of children trafficked were groomed by predators and trafficking networks using social media.

”What does sex trafficking look like in the United States?... it looks like your kid sitting next to you on an iPad and you have no idea who they’re talking to,” Bowker said.

She tells parents to be extra vigilant this weekend, and to have those uncomfortable talks with their children.


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