Duval schools: Loaded gun found at First Coast High School; student arrested

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A student was arrested Tuesday after a loaded firearm was found at First Coast High School on Tuesday.

School administrators got a tip from a student about another student bringing a gun to campus, principal Timothy Simmons told parents in a recorded call.

The student was found to have a loaded firearm, which was confiscated. That student now faces criminal charges and possibly expulsion. No students or staff were harmed or threatened, Simmons said.

Last school year, students were arrested in relation to bringing guns onto the First Coast High School campus. In January, two students were arrested after they were found to be in possession of a stun gun. Also in January, a 17-year-old student was arrested and charged after allegedly bringing a gun to First Coast High.

The following is the full text of Simmons' call to parents about Tuesday's arrest:

Good Afternoon Parents and Guardians of First Coast High School. This is Principal Timothy Simmons.  As a school community, we strive to maintain a safe and secure learning environment and build trustworthy relationships between our students and staff. Tuesday afternoon, we received a student tip about another student bringing a weapon to campus. The school was placed on a Code Yellow and school administrators and Duval County School Police immediately investigated the claim and performed a search. A loaded firearm was discovered in a student's possession and was confiscated. The student was taken into custody and arrested, and will face criminal charges as well as possible expulsion.  No students or staff were threatened or harmed during this incident. While we are very pleased with the responsiveness and cooperation of our students, staff and security teams, we request your parental support. Please talk with your children about the serious consequences of bringing a firearm or weapon on campus. Encourage positive conflict resolution strategies and emphasize the importance of notifying a trusted adult whenever your child feels threatened. In addition, we ask that you monitor your child's belongings and the items he or she may bring to school. Please continue to partner with us in keeping First Coast High School a safe and effective learning environment. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at (904) 757-0080. Thank you and have a great afternoon.