Ex-wife of accused murderer reacts to learning about new murder charges

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Sarah Jones told Action News Jax she hadn't been a supporter of the death penalty in the past but after learning that her ex-husband Michael Jones allegedly strangled two children and drowned two children, that's the punishment she's hoping for.

"I wish they'd already hung him up and been done because I don't think he deserves to walk another day on earth," she said

The state said it is seeking the death penalty for Jones.

After reading the latest indictment that indicates four more murder charges for the deaths of the four kids, Sarah Jones told Action News Jax she was sick to her stomach.

"They were just kids trying to grow up. That was taken away from them," she said.

Sarah Jones first told Action News Jax that Michael Jones had stayed with her and their three children on several occasions leading up to his arrest in September.


She says she still hasn't been able to tell her three kids about what their father allegedly did.

"I intend to speak with a child psychologist and maybe even people that have been through this kind of thing: finding out that the parent has done something this terrible," she said.

She said the concept that Michael Jones will never be a part of their lives again has been tough for the kids to comprehend.

"My middle son just the other day asked if Daddy would be back for his 10th birthday, which is in. Like two, years. And of course, I had to say, ‘No buddy, this is, like forever, like he's not coming back'."

She said she is pretty certain about is never letting Michael see his last three kids that are still alive.

"One of my kids already mentioned visiting him and I don't know if I could ever let them go and visit their dad on death row or wherever he will be, especially once they know what he's done. I don't think he deserves that at all," she said.

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