Family that lives in home that domestic violence suspect broke into speaks

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Police shot Devonta Jones after they say he broke into another family's apartment in at the Cleveland Arms Apartment complex.

Action News spoke with the mother of the woman was inside that unit with her children.

She says it was frightening for the whole family.

“Imagine being woken up out of your bed by somebody, whether you know then or not. She is very shook up," said Thomasina Pough.

Pough said her daughter was home alone with her three young children when someone came bursting through her door.

“You don't expect that to happen to matter where you live,” Pough said. “She says he went out the back door and they continued to follow him, then she heard 4 gunshots."

Police say Davonta Jones ran from his girlfriend's house, frantically banging on doors, running from building to building, trying to get someone to answer until finally he kicked in a door, trying to get away from police.

Officers say they tried to protect the other families, by giving commands for Jones to stop.

But they say he ran through Pough's daughter's home and kept going. That led to the Tasing and shooting of Jones.

“He didn't harm her or my grandbabies, or I wouldn't be this calm,” Pough said.

The children in the home the suspect ran through are only 12, 11 and 8.