Family said man who died in officer-involved shooting was suffering from depression

Mandarin police shooting: Man killed after raising knife at officers, JSO says

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A family is mourning the loss of their loved one after he was shot and killed by police Wednesday morning.

Police said it happened in Mandarin and the initial call was made because the man was trying to commit suicide.

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Officers said it was the second time they had been called to the home for a similar incident since September.

Family members like Kimberly Mathews were devastated they couldn’t get Chris Ervie the help he needed.

“Chris was like one of the most gentle giant, loving, caring people that you could ever meet,” Mathews said.


Mathews said despite the way her cousin Chris Ervie died, it’s the good things she wants people to remember about him.

“He’s always been a great guy, he’s responsible, he struggled from mental illness. This hadn’t  been the first opportunity that he’s had a need or desire for help,” Ervie said.

Police said Ervie’s fiancé called them to the home in Mandarin. She left the house, and by the time police arrived, Ervie was standing in the doorway with a knife. Officers asked him to drop it, and when he didn’t, they used a Taser. Chief AK Waters said when that didn’t work an officer fired his weapon, striking and killing Ervie.

“They did not think this would be the outcome. They came to try to get him some help safely.

Unfortunately this is the way that it turned out,” Waters said.

Mathews said Erivie was suffering from depression.

He was going through some emotional challenges, and he didn’t get the help that he needed today for sure,” Mathews said.

His family said it’s hard to think about the holidays without him here.

“He comes to my father’s house for the holidays because his father is no longer here,” Mathews said.

JSO officials said their officers were wearing body cameras during the incident.

It was the first time the officer who fired his weapon was involved in an officer-involved shooting.

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