• Father of Lonzie Barton sends message to Ruben Ebron on Facebook

    By: Lorena Inclán


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Lonzie Barton’s father has taken to social media to not only defend the mother of his child, but to also send a message to the man police believe killed his son.

    The outpouring of support he’s received is evident on his Facebook page. The community has rallied around him and his son who he affectionately calls “Babyman.”

    Teddy bears and balloons sit outside of Ravenwood Apartments on the Southside, 12 days after Lonzie Barton disappeared.

    Ruben Ebron, 32, was the last person to see him, and police believe he’s been lying to them since day one.

    Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office released surveillance video that police said catches Ebron driving one direction and running away just minutes later, poking holes in his abduction story.

    Hours after that video was released by police, Chris Barton sent a message on Facebook. 

    “Let these words sink into your sickass brain Rubin ...” the post read, followed by the heavy metal song "5 Minutes Alone," by the group Pantera.

    Also on Facebook, Barton defended Lonzie’s mother Lonna Lauramore, posting a response to someone else’s comment:

    “Yes me & mom talk every day and she is really a mess, she's with our daughter and her other son where she should be...If she was out beating the streets the Media wouldn't let her get anything done believe me she's tried. I know there are some negativity I feel it more than anyone but the resentment for her mistake will have to wait till BabyMan is found,” Barton posted. 

    Action News was the first local TV station to get a face-to-face interview with Ebron on Monday.

    Tuesday, Action News requested an on-camera interview with him but this was his response:

    “No, it is not beneficial to me unless they are paying,” Ruben Ebron said, via the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.

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