• Father says sex offender granted unsupervised visits to his child after court's clerical error

    By: Ryan Nelson , Action News Jax


    Nicholas Kolehmainen, a Jacksonville Army veteran, says a registered sex offender was granted unsupervised visits with his biological child from a previous marriage.

    He, and the registered offender, Adam Brunner, say it happened as a result of a clerical error.

    Brunner, a former Baker County teacher, plead guilty to “unlawful sexual activity with certain minors 16/17” after having sex with a student in 2015.

    Brunner is engaged to Kolehmainen’s ex-wife.


    Kolhemainen says he never knew the proceedings that granted Brunner unsupervised rights happened until his oldest daughter raised questions about a man appearing in his youngest daughter’s social media accounts.

    Kolhemainen tells us he felt helpless.

    “I felt I wasn’t in a position where I could protect my daughter,” he said.

    According to a Baker County Circuit County judge’s order of modification of sex offender probation from mid-2018, Brunner was granted unsupervised visits with Kolehmainen’s daughter.

    “They never notified me that this was going on,” he said Kolhemainen. “I never gave my consent.”

    Action News Jax Ryan Nelson spoke to Brunner in a phone conversation tonight.

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    Brunner tells Nelson he was petitioning to gain unsupervised visitation rights for his child from a previous marriage, and the child he and Kolehmainen’s ex-wife were expecting together at the time.

    Brunner says he was also petitioning for supervised visits with Kolehmainen’s daughter.

    Brunner tells us his visits with Kolehmainen’s child since the petition was granted have all been supervised.

    The State Attorney’s office of the Eighth Circuit confirmed unsupervised visits were granted as a result of a clerical error.

    Spokesperson Darry Lloyd said in a statement:

    “The State made a motion to correct Order of Modification of Sex Offender Probation. Based on audio review of proceedings [Assistant State Attorney] R. Yazdiya corrected the order to reflect what was presented in open court. [Assistant State Attorney] Yazdiya was not present at the modification hearing but he handled the original prosecution. When made aware he made the motion to correct to the Judge.”

    The families say there will be a hearing next week.

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