Source: FBI investigating Nassau County suspect, Kimberly Kessler, as possible serial killer

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A Florida man claims that the woman connected to the case of a missing Nassau County mother is being profiled by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Action News Jax has learned.

A source tells Action News Jax that Kimberly Kessler is being investigated by the FBI as a possible serial killer.

The man says he knew Kessler — the prime suspect in the disappearance of missing hairstylist Joleen Cummings. The man says the FBI is checking to see if there could be victims in other states.

Action News Jax agreed not to reveal the identity of the man. Official records show the man knew Kimberly Kessler when she used the alias “Jennifer Sybert.”

The man said he knew Kessler from 2010 to 2012. He was interviewed Monday by a Florida detective who brought along a  30 minute questionnaire .

"He said he was working in conjunction with the FBI," he said. "[Agencies] asked them to visit me to do an assessment of her mental state."

He says the FBI is building a profile on Kessler to see if she is linked to unsolved homicides in other states.

Nassau County Sheriff Bill Leeper says Kessler has used 18 different aliases in 34 cities.

Kessler lived in Northeast Florida as Jennifer Sybert and worked as a hairstylist in multiple locations around Jacksonville.

Kessler eventually landed a job at Tangles Hair Salon in Fernandina Beach and worked side-by-side with Cummings. Customers told Action News Jax there was tension between Kessler and Cummings leading up to Cummings's disappearance.

Cummings has not been seen since May 12, the day before Mother’s Day, when she was last seen leaving her job at Tangles.

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According to the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office, Kessler could be seen on surveillance video parking Cummings’ gold SUV in the Home Depot parking lot in Yulee. Because of that evidence, Cummings was officially charged with auto theft.

Kessler is scheduled to be arraigned in court on the auto theft charge on Thursday morning, but authorities are not sure if she will appear in court.

Action News Jax found an old mugshot of Kessler’s from a 1999 arrest when she was reportedly using the name “Christina Brook.”

"From my understanding, they're visiting multiple people in multiple states," the source said. "From Pennsylvania to Virginia to Kansas to Kentucky to Florida. I think North Carolina had been mentioned."

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