FBI’s ‘Protected Voices’ aims to protect voters from hackers & fake information

With only 38 days left before Election Day the FBI is urging voters to protect themselves from hackers and false information.

The FBI’s “Protected Voices” (https://www.fbi.gov/investigate/counterintelligence/foreign-influence/protected-voices) initiative aims to give you tools to safeguard your email, WiFi, social media and other potentially vulnerable areas.

The initiative started as a way to protect political campaigns, but the FBI is now sharing the knowledge with voters as well.

Action News Jax spoke with Jacksonville’s Special Agent in Charge Rachel Rojas about why the agency started this initiative.

“Because there are a lot of malign actors and there could be even cyber actors out there that do want to change your opinion or do want to give you misinformation or disinformation to sway and change your own vote, your own opinion,” said Rojas.

The FBI produced 17 short videos, each discussing a different topic from protecting your email to how to figure out if you’ve been hacked.